If Grace is an Ocean We are all Sinking

One of my favorite lines in the whole movie!!! Carey Elwes delivers his lines so perfectly as a comedic Actor!!

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Absolute Proof the Geek IS the New Chic!!!! So Grab Your Robin Hood Cloak, Jedi Robe, Assassin Trench & Lets Show the World That Geeks Are A Force To Be Reckon With!    

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All right, Skips of the Jungle Navigation Company! This is happening, and we need your help! Spread the word to any other skips you know so that this can become a reality!

Gwarsh. I only have crappy footage of me on a rainy day cruise. But I have a bunch of pics that might work. 

Who else on this interwebs place has stuff they can pull to-get-her (Ginger, but becareful cause she Snaps…) 

Man I miss the Skips life

Have you ever seen a tardis inside a tardis?

If someone proposed to me like that, I’d marry them in two heartbeats.

Future Husband, take notes. The only way I’ll marry you. Unless you walk out of a Tardis in a top hat & tails.

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